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D.C. sues Providence, alleges hospital lacks approval to scale back
The D.C. government is suing Providence Health System, alleging the Northeast D.C. hospital violated the terms of its newly renewed license by scaling back many of its services Friday. The lawsuit, filed Friday in D.C. Superior Court by District Attorney General Karl Racine on behalf of the city, claims Providence and nonprofit owner St. [...]
Health Care News - Health Care News Headlines |
15 Dec 2018 19:38:21 GMT

Blockchain, artificial intelligence top LinkedIn fastest-growing job categories
Blockchain may still be an emerging frontier for business, but that's not holding back a surge in skills.
Latest news
15 Dec 2018 12:00:00 GMT

What Are Silicon Valley's Highest-Paying Tech Jobs?
An anonymous reader writes: Job-search site Indeed crunched its Silicon Valley hiring numbers for 2018, looking at tech job searches, salaries, and employers, and found that engineers who combine tech skills with business skills as directors of product management earn the most, with an average salary of US $186,766. [...]
14 Dec 2018 21:28:00 GMT

The Sandbox blockchain gaming platform launches $2 million creator fund for artists
Pixowl, the maker of The Sandbox voxel-based game world, has created a $2 million Creator Fund to reward artists for creating blockchain-based items.
14 Dec 2018 16:00:07 GMT

Pantera says some tokens in portfolio likely noncompliant with SEC rules
U.S. blockchain investment firm Pantera Capital said on Thursday approximately a quarter of the fund's capital was invested in projects or digital assets that may not have been compliant with U.S. securities regulations.
Reuters: Technology News
13 Dec 2018 23:17:31 GMT

Machine learning to speed chemical discoveries, reduce waste
Researchers have combined artificial neural networks with infrared thermal imaging to control and interpret chemical reactions with new precision and speed. Novel microreactors allow chemical discoveries to take place quickly and with far less environmental waste than standard large-scale reactions. The system can reduce the decision-making process about certain chemical manufacturing processes from one year to a matter of weeks, saving tons of chemical waste and energy in the process. [...]
Latest Science News -- ScienceDaily
13 Dec 2018 19:15:17 GMT

Authentication security startup NuID raises $2.5M to help companies prevent breaches
Security startup NuID today announced a $2.5 million round to help grow its user authentication technology. Founded in early 2017, the Seattle-based company develops software that uses blockchain tech to authenticate individuals and eliminate the need for stored passwords in a centralized database. It calls the technique “trustless authentication,” meaning that users do not need to trust anyone with their authentication credentials. [...]
13 Dec 2018 16:00:37 GMT

Ethereum thinks it can change the world. It’s running out of time to prove it.
The blockchain system has daunting technical problems to fix. But first, its disciples need to figure out how to govern themselves.
Mobile - MIT Technology Review
13 Dec 2018 11:00:00 GMT

Johnson Controls partnership enhances visitor identity technology
Johnson Controls International plc will integrate its digital identity technology with a San Francisco-based company as part of a new partnership. Civic Technologies Inc. specializes in blockchain identity-verification technology and will pair its C-CURE 9000 security platform with Johnson Controls' Civic Secure ID Platform. [...]
Manufacturing News - Manufacturing News Headlines |
12 Dec 2018 20:50:07 GMT

Layoffs Become the Latest Thing in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency companies are laying off employees in an effort to survive the nascent market’s biggest selloff to date. Blockchain venture firm ConsenSys said Thursday it plans to cut 13% of its staff. WSJD
11 Dec 2018 14:44:48 GMT

Create your cloud code installer with CNAB and Duffle

When you build code, you need to deliver it in a way it installs and runs with as little friction as possible. That’s easy in the traditional application world, where you can target an installer at the end of a build, delivering your code to repositories, stores, and system and service management platforms. [...]
InfoWorld News
11 Dec 2018 11:00:00 GMT

Transforming FinTech: A Global Approach to the Security Tokens Movement
By Fran Strajanr, CEO of Techemy , a holding company for an industry-wide blockchain enterprise ecosystem Despite current setbacks in the cryptocurrency market, the security token movement remains a bastion of optimism for industry actors within the worlds of blockchain and finance. With an estimate [. [...]
Latest Articles in Technology
10 Dec 2018 13:23:36 GMT

20 Go language projects for mastering microservices

When a team of Google coders looked out across the collection of computer languages in 2007, they saw hundreds of perfectly good tools for writing software but none that offered the right features for Google. That is, a language that supported building the Google vision of a galaxy of software packages working together in Google’s vast collection of servers. [...]
InfoWorld News
10 Dec 2018 11:00:00 GMT

DHS Looking Into Tracking Monero and Zcash Transactions
The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is interested in acquiring technology solutions that can track newer cryptocurrencies, such as Zcash and Monero. From a report: According to a pre-solicitation document [PDF], the DHS wants to know if this is possible, before filing an official solicitation request later down the line. [...]
07 Dec 2018 20:30:00 GMT

Steady evolution in blockchain will continue, unless disillusionment causes a 'winter'
While we won't see any breakthrough blockchain deployments in 2019, the tokenization of digital and physical assets will be one of the key areas of innovation.
Latest news
05 Dec 2018 21:49:51 GMT

Blockchain Study Finds 0% Success Rate and Vendors Don't Call Back When Asked For Evidence
Though Blockchain has been touted as the answer to everything, a study of 43 solutions advanced in the international development sector has found exactly no evidence of success. From a report: Three practitioners including erstwhile blockchain enthusiast John Burg, a Fellow at the US Agency for International Development (USAID), looked at instances of the distributed crypto ledger being used in a wide range of situations by NGOs, contractors and agencies. [...]
03 Dec 2018 22:01:00 GMT

Greater profits in capital markets
The next step to the advancement of digital mortgages lies with utilization of blockchain technology. This nascent technology will take all these measures and truly transform the industry from paper to digital, resulting in transparency, better data security and higher revenues from operational efficiencies. [...]
03 Dec 2018 05:01:00 GMT

Windows 10 is also getting an icon design overhaul
Microsoft appears to be planning on overhauling its Windows 10 icons alongside its Office suite. The software giant revealed a new icon design for Office 365 earlier this week, and with it teased some Windows changes it has been considering. “It is a huge undertaking to build a common system and design 10 icons at the same time,” explains Jon Friedman, head of Office design at Microsoft. [...]
The Verge - All Posts
02 Dec 2018 19:00:02 GMT

Bitcoin Miners Bail, While Cryptocurrency Capitalization Drops 83% Since January
Bitcoin miners hit hard by the cryptocurrency's crash may be throwing in the towel, reports Bloomberg: The Bitcoin network's hash rate, one way of gauging the computing power dedicated to mining the digital currency, dropped about 24 percent from an all-time high at the end of August through Nov. 24, according to Blockchain. [...]
01 Dec 2018 15:34:00 GMT

Former Altisource CTO becomes Cloudvirga EVP of technology
Digital mortgage software company Cloudvirga has named James Vinci executive vice president of technology In this newly created role, Vinci will oversee initiatives to strengthen developer talent and collaborate across departments to scale technical initiatives to accommodate growth.
29 Nov 2018 22:17:00 GMT

Introducing AWS App Mesh - Service Mesh for Microservices on AWS
AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that allows you to easily monitor and control communications across microservices applications.
What's New
28 Nov 2018 23:30:33 GMT

First American, Old Republic Title bringing blockchain to title insurance
Two of the biggest names in title insurance are joining together to bring blockchain to the title insurance industry. First American Financial announced Wednesday that it is launching a shared blockchain system to be used in the title insurance process. And the first company to sign on to use First American’s blockchain system is Old Republic Title Insurance Group, the nation’s third largest title insurance underwriter. [...]
28 Nov 2018 22:58:00 GMT

How to build blockchains on Azure

A while back, Microsoft announced a pair of blockchain projects, bringing distributed ledgers to Azure. Project Bletchley and the Coco Framework provide tools to build consortium-based blockchains, operating without the overhead and performance penalties of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake operations, by limiting access to a known group of participants. [...]
InfoWorld News
27 Nov 2018 11:00:00 GMT

Warrior Met Coal Stock Getting Very Oversold
In trading on Monday shares of Warrior Met Coal Inc Symbol HCC entered into oversold territory changing hands as low as 21 07 per share We define oversold territory using the Relative Strength Index or RSI which is a technical analysis indicator used to measure momentum on a scale of
Latest Articles in Commodities
26 Nov 2018 23:08:22 GMT

AKS Stock Crowded With Sellers
In trading on Monday shares of AK Steel Holding Corp Symbol AKS entered into oversold territory changing hands as low as 3 25 per share We define oversold territory using the Relative Strength Index or RSI which is a technical analysis indicator used to measure momentum on a scale of
Latest Articles in Commodities
26 Nov 2018 23:08:17 GMT

Quantum computing at scale: Scientists achieve compact, sensitive qubit readout

Researchers have overcome another critical technical hurdle for building a silicon-based quantum computer.
Latest Science News -- ScienceDaily
26 Nov 2018 17:33:37 GMT

Scientists unveil promising new HIV vaccine strategy

A new candidate HIV vaccine surmounts technical hurdles that stymied previous vaccine efforts, and stimulates a powerful anti-HIV antibody response in animal tests. The new vaccine strategy is based on the HIV envelope protein, Env. This complex, shape-shifting molecule has been notoriously difficult to produce in vaccines in a way that induces useful immunity to HIV. [...]
Latest Science News -- ScienceDaily
26 Nov 2018 15:55:16 GMT

Ohio will soon be the first state to accept Bitcoin for taxes

Ohio is becoming the first US state to accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for business tax payments. Ohio politicians have been open about their desire to be on the forefront of blockchain technology adoption. It's good news for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency among a stream of recent negative news. The state of Ohio will accept Bitcoin for Ohio business tax payments beginning this week — a first for the US, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. [...]
25 Nov 2018 19:21:25 GMT

One Week Later: The Latest Developments in the Bitcoin Cash Split
Bitcoin Cash the big block project that forked away from the Bitcoin blockchain in August 2017 hard forked split into two different coins last week Bitcoin Cash ABC BCHABC and Bitcoin Cash SV BCHSV One week later the Bitcoin
Latest Articles in
24 Nov 2018 01:08:10 GMT

Bitcoin review: IBM joins Columbia University, crypto prices tumble
To keep readers up-to-date on the latest price fluctuations and trends pertaining to cryptocurrencies, we here at New York Business Journal compile a list of the week's top stories each Friday. Peruse the listicle below for the headlines you might have missed. Sunday, Nov. 18: International Business Machines Corp. [...]
Banking & Financial News - Banking & Financial News Headlines |
23 Nov 2018 20:02:29 GMT

Moneyball for Turkeys

The future of American turkey breeding arrived in August and November of this year, when huge new hatcheries opened in Terre Haute, Indiana and Beresford, North Dakota. The facilities represent the state of the art for, respectively, Aviagen and its subsidiary Select Genetics, and Hendrix Genetics and its subsidiary Hybrid Turkeys. [...]
The Atlantic
22 Nov 2018 10:00:00 GMT

Reefer Madness at NASA

The story of NASA’s efforts to restore the country’s ability to launch American astronauts into space from U.S. soil has just gained a rather interesting new chapter.NASA has decided to conduct reviews of SpaceX and Boeing, the two companies the agency hired to develop astronaut-transportation systems that would allow the United States to fly crewed missions from its own launchpads for the first time since the space shuttle was retired in 2011. [...]
The Atlantic
21 Nov 2018 17:59:44 GMT

Amazon admits it exposed customer email addresses, but refuses to give details
Amazon’s renowned secrecy encompasses its response to a new security issue, withholding info that could help victims protect themselves. Amazon emailed users Tuesday, warning them that it exposed an unknown number of customer email addresses after a “technical error” on its website. When [...]
21 Nov 2018 16:07:45 GMT

One Criminal-Defense Attorney’s Lament

For more than a decade, the criminal-defense attorney Scott H. Greenfield has been writing about American law and culture at Simple Justice. Among the site’s readers are lawyers, law professors, judges, civil libertarians, and advocates of criminal-justice reform. What keeps me coming back is his zealous advocacy for a consistent set of principles no matter how unpopular their application might be in a given instance. [...]
The Atlantic
21 Nov 2018 14:24:50 GMT

What Is The Internet Of Money, And How Will It Change Things?
There is a great deal of sound and fury around the topics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain which unfortunately many in financial services drown out or dismiss as confusing noise and wild speculation. In our opinion, it would be a mistake not to see all this activity and debate as signifying someth [. [...]
Latest Articles in Technology
20 Nov 2018 20:10:36 GMT

Karthik Rau, CEO of SignalFx, on new approaches to monitoring cloud, application microservices
In other words, how to keep the trains running on time.
Latest news
20 Nov 2018 18:29:06 GMT

MT Crosses Critical Technical Indicator
In trading on Tuesday shares of ArcelorMittal SA Symbol MT entered into oversold territory changing hands as low as 23 19 per share We define oversold territory using the Relative Strength Index or RSI which is a technical analysis indicator used to measure momentum on a scale of zero
Latest Articles in Commodities
20 Nov 2018 18:08:40 GMT

3 Top Blockchain Stocks to Watch in November
Although cryptocurrencies have had a miserable year the technology underlying them known as blockchain may have staying power In particular blockchain technology offers the ability to transmit money in a secure manner without the need for traditional banking networks It also
Latest Articles in Stocks
19 Nov 2018 20:06:16 GMT

The Fax Is Not Yet Obsolete

Nicole Follmann arrived at the Brooklyn House of Detention last spring to post bail by fax. This is how it works: You can post someone’s bail from any jail or courthouse, but you have to send a fax to wherever the person is housed. Follmann is an attorney for the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, so she’s used to the inflow and outflow of documents. [...]
Technology | The Atlantic
18 Nov 2018 13:00:00 GMT

These 2 tech founders lost their friends in tragic accidents. Now they've built AI chatbots to give people life after death

Netflix drama Black Mirror once imagined a world in which tech could be used to recreate the dead. Now, people are working to make that a reality. Tech firm Eternime is beta testing an app that will allow users to create a digital avatar of themselves after they die. Eternime is not the only firm experimenting with AI technology to give people a voice after death. [...]
17 Nov 2018 15:57:00 GMT

Bradesco agrees blockchain deal with Japan's largest bank
The Brazilian bank will work with MUFG on Ripple-based international money transfers.
Latest news
17 Nov 2018 15:29:36 GMT

HQ2 is a perfect opportunity to massively upgrade the DC area’s commuter rail
Envisioning an S-Bahn for the Chesapeake Bay region. Amazon HQ2’s arrival in Crystal City, Virginia, in the inner suburbs of Washington, DC, is going to be paired with some useful investments in transportation infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the new office complex. But while the ideas currently on the table are sound (adding an exit to a metro station, a pedestrian bridge to another, etc. [...]
Vox - All
17 Nov 2018 14:00:02 GMT

Mark Zuckerberg insists he's still the best person to run Facebook, despite the endless scandals (FB)

CEO Mark Zuckerberg insists he's still the best person to run Facebook, despite all the company's scandals. This week, a bombshell new report dropped about how company execs tried to downplay issues and smear critics. In a damage-control conference call with reporters, Zuckerberg insisted that fixing Facebook's problems will take time. [...]
16 Nov 2018 01:32:11 GMT

The F-35's Greatest Vulnerability Isn't Enemy Weapons. It's Being Hacked.
schwit1 shares a report: Every F-35 squadron, no matter the country, has a 13-server ALIS package that is connected to the worldwide ALIS network. Individual jets send logistical data back to their nation's Central Point of Entry, which then passes it on to Lockheed's central server hub in Fort Worth, Texas. [...]
15 Nov 2018 19:25:00 GMT

When Elon Musk Tunnels Under Your Home

Vicky Warren feels like she’s been attacked from all sides lately. Across the street from her rental apartment in the working-class Los Angeles County city of Hawthorne, noisy planes take off and land at all hours, diverted to the local municipal airport from wealthier Santa Monica, where neighbor complaints have restricted air traffic. [...]
Technology | The Atlantic
15 Nov 2018 14:57:06 GMT

How Momentum helps retailers create the ultimate shopping experience
Use the blockchain infrastructure to create holistic offers for your customers and optimise their experience -- even out of the store.
Latest news
14 Nov 2018 18:42:00 GMT

The ‘Madman’ Behind Trump’s Trade Theory

“No one’s more careful about what they buy,” Peter Navarro told me recently. The director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy was explaining that he reads labels closely and avoids products made in China. “People need to be mindful of the high cost of low prices,” he said. In Navarro’s telling, those cheap flip-flops are supporting an authoritarian state, and that cut-rate washing machine might be mortgaging America’s future. [...]
The Atlantic
14 Nov 2018 13:00:00 GMT

Gadgets for the Climate Hellscape

As the red sun hung in the smoke-filled air outside, as the exhaust from the Camp Fire swept over the Bay Area, I was inside, looking at my phone, like everyone else. I was dying to go running, but the air quality index numbers, and my own eyes and lungs, told me that I shouldn’t. So I was scrolling Instagram when it served me an ad for Vent Performance Filtration Breathing Trainer, from the company Training Mask—tagline: “Breathe Free, Breathe Strong. [...]
Technology | The Atlantic
14 Nov 2018 00:04:34 GMT

Facebook Patches Vulnerability That Could Have Exposed User Data
Yet another vulnerability has been patched that could have exposed user data. According to security company Imperva, the bug allowed websites to obtain private information about Facebook users and their friends through unauthorized access to a company API, playing off a specific behavior in the Chrome browser, reports The Verge. [...]
13 Nov 2018 23:30:00 GMT

CIOs, don't put the cart before the horse
CIOs will shift away from AI, blockchain, and tech-of-the-day moonshots in 2019 to focus on more methodical approaches to innovation, according to Forrester.
Latest news
13 Nov 2018 22:17:48 GMT

Digital transformation sparks innovation in networking
The network needs to keep pace with the demands of exciting new technologies like containers and microservices, according to presenters at a recent industry event. The first step in that process is changing the culture.
Business - MIT Technology Review
13 Nov 2018 18:01:00 GMT

A 1985 Recount Is Suddenly Relevant Again

As Florida begins a statewide recount to determine the outcome of its gubernatorial and U.S. Senate contests, commentators are rehashing the famous Bush v. Gore recount of 2000. That’s the most obvious reference—the same state and even some of the same counties are at issue, after all—but it’s not the only or even the most useful one. [...]
The Atlantic
12 Nov 2018 15:45:00 GMT

Nearly 150 West Virginians voted with a mobile blockchain app
This election season, the state of West Virginia implemented a blockchain-based voting app for the first time. The app, created by a company called Voatz, was first tested in two counties during the primaries earlier this year. After a successful test, it was used during the midterm election this past week at a wider scale. [...]
The Verge - All Posts
10 Nov 2018 19:00:04 GMT

The 19th-Century Origins of Climate Science

If you were to travel to the early 1800s and strike up a conversation with a European scientist about climate, they would begin by asking why you hadn’t read your Aristotle. First sketched by the philosopher in his fourth-century B.C. treatise Meteorologica, the model that sprang from the ancient Greek concept of klima divided the hemispheres into three fixed climatic bands: polar cold, equatorial heat, and a zone of moderation in the middle. [...]
Science | The Atlantic
10 Nov 2018 13:00:00 GMT

US Military Publicly Dumps Russian Government Malware Online
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: This week, U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM), a part of the military tasked with hacking and cybersecurity focused missions, started publicly releasing unclassified samples of adversaries' malware it has discovered. CYBERCOM says the move is to improve information sharing among the cybersecurity community, but in some ways it could be seen as a signal to those who hack U. [...]
10 Nov 2018 13:00:00 GMT

The United States Is In The Middle Of A Global Blockchain Race -- And Is Losing
By Marshall Hayner, CEO of Metal It is no secret that government entities are struggling to both define and regulate blockchain technology — particularly in the United States. Despite holding Congressional hearings on the matter, U.S. federal governing bodies cannot come to a consensus on, let alone [. [...]
Latest Articles in Technology
09 Nov 2018 18:19:36 GMT

The Legal Precedent That Could Protect Jim Acosta’s Credentials

Robert Sherrill was an outsider by the nature of his work as a Washington correspondent for The Nation. A prolific anti-establishment voice, Sherrill was unafraid to play contrarian to the left or right of the aisle.“He took the shibboleths of liberalism and exposed them as what he felt they were,” Ralph Nader told The Washington Post when Sherrill died in 2014. [...]
The Atlantic
09 Nov 2018 16:45:17 GMT

Amazon Was Never Going to Choose Detroit

After a months-long, high-stakes, razzle-dazzle, headline-grabbing beauty pageant, Amazon is reportedly planning not to create a second headquarters in a hard-up or overlooked region, as many had hoped, but instead to put large offices in two places along the prosperous northeast corridor: Long Island City in Queens, New York, and Crystal City in Arlington County, Virginia. [...]
The Atlantic
08 Nov 2018 13:00:00 GMT

A cryptocurrency millionaire is buying up land in Nevada’s desert to build a utopian village run on Ethereum — here are the design plans

A cryptocurrency millionaire has revealed his designs for an utopian community in the Nevada desert run completely on blockchain. The New York Times reports that the man behind the project, Jeffrey Berns, is planning a city that would run entirely on blockchain, a decentralized infrastructure which could theoretically provide the foundation for a community that's independent from the capitalistic world we live in. [...]
07 Nov 2018 23:35:31 GMT

Blockchain-Based Elections Would Be a Disaster For Democracy
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: If you talk to experts on election security (I studied with several of them in graduate school) they'll tell you that we're nowhere close to being ready for online voting. Mobile voting is a horrific idea, said election security expert Joe Hall when I asked him about a West Virginia experiment with blockchain-based mobile voting back in August. [...]
07 Nov 2018 00:20:00 GMT

A decade of Azure: It’s time to go back to the future

Hands-on Azure: The essentials InfoWorld's Simon Bisson has written many tutorials and analyses on how to take full advantage of Microsoft Azure. Here's your essential reading list: How to work with Azure Pipelines for devops Understanding programmatic Azure infrastructures What’s new in Azure Functions: durable states Meet Microsoft’s new managed microservices: Azure Service Fabric Mesh Azure Service Fabric: What you need to know Build and test microservices applications with Azure Dev Spaces Cross-cloud software development comes to Azure Data storage in Azure: Everything you need to know Get started with cloud app dev in Azure App Service What is ACI? Microsoft’s Azure Container Instances explained How to secure your Azure network How to go serverless with Azure SignalR Service Get started with Azure Event Grid for serverless events Azure Logic Apps: The IFTTT or Quick Basic for the serverless era Get started with Azure Event Grid for serverless publish-and-subscribe How to use Azure ML in Windows 10 What you need to know about Azure Notebooks Azure IoT Edge brings smarts to devices at the cloud’s edge It’s now been ten years since Microsoft announced its Azure cloud service. [...]
InfoWorld News
06 Nov 2018 11:00:00 GMT

Getting Out the Vote From the County Jail

When Meggen Massey learned that she would be able to vote in the 2016 presidential election, she was “ecstatic.”She had always thought of herself as a voter, but when she arrived in jail in Los Angeles County with an arson charge, some of her fellow detainees told her that she had lost that right. “I was devastated,” Massey remembered. [...]
The Atlantic
04 Nov 2018 16:54:11 GMT

Big Oil is using brute financial force to kill 2 state sustainability initiatives
Oil and gas has dumped at least $47 million into efforts to crush ballot measures in Washington and Colorado. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) makes it vividly clear that averting catastrophic climate change means rapidly reducing the use of fossil fuels, getting as close to zero as possible, as soon as practicably possible. [...]
Vox - All
04 Nov 2018 14:41:11 GMT

Alas, the Blockchain Won’t Save Journalism After All

NYT > Style
02 Nov 2018 20:12:42 GMT

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Says His Creation Can't Succeed Unless He Takes a Step Back
An anonymous reader shares a report: When you ask him about the challenges facing the blockchain system he founded five years ago, Vitalik Buterin often launches into a rapid-fire lecture full of Ethereum-specific jargon. But ask him about his own role in the technology's future, and he quickly becomes more circumspect. [...]
02 Nov 2018 19:00:00 GMT

Intel CPUs Impacted by New PortSmash Side-Channel Vulnerability
Intel processors are impacted by a new vulnerability that can allow attackers to leak encrypted data from the CPU's internal processes. From a report: The new vulnerability, which has received the codename of PortSmash, has been discovered by a team of five academics from the Tampere University of Technology in Finland and Technical University of Havana, Cuba. [...]
02 Nov 2018 16:01:00 GMT

IBM’s Red Hat buy brings a Java app server dilemma

IBM’s acquisition of Linux distributor Red Hat has been positioned as a hybrid-cloud play, but the deal also gives IBM control over what have been competing Java application server lines. IBM will have to figure out what to do about these redundancies and perhaps reassess the technology itself, in an IT landscape where options such as containers have these servers diminishing in importance anyhow. [...]
InfoWorld News
02 Nov 2018 10:00:00 GMT

The Basics of Cryptoeconomics
By Eric C. Jansen, ChFC® The word “cryptoeconomics” is a combination of cryptography and economics, and the concept is key to making a functional blockchain. How do you get strangers to work together to create a trustworthy, decentralized network for transmitting and storing encrypted information? H [. [...]
Latest Articles in Economy
01 Nov 2018 14:00:00 GMT

If Terrorists Launch a Major Cyberattack, We Won’t See It Coming

“The FBI assesses the cyberterrorism threat to the U.S. to be rapidly expanding,” said one law-enforcement official, testifying before Congress. “Terrorist groups will either develop or hire hackers, particularly for the purpose of complementing large physical attacks with cyber attacks.”That assessment was made nearly 15 years ago. [...]
The Atlantic
01 Nov 2018 09:00:00 GMT

​Is FOMO making enterprises unnecessarily leap into blockchain?
Gartner believes blockchain in its current level of maturity isn't appropriate for the enterprise.
Latest news
31 Oct 2018 23:09:57 GMT

On bitcoin’s 10th birthday, JP Morgan CEO says he doesn’t ‘really give a shit’ about it
JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says he doesn’t “really give a shit” about bitcoin, his latest harsh comment on the popular cryptocurrency. Dimon spoke out about bitcoin yesterday at an Axios conference, after keeping silent for a period of time following an apology for calling bitcoin a “fraud.” Last September, Dimon called out bitcoin in searing comments, added that, “It won’t end well. [...]
The Verge - All Posts
31 Oct 2018 22:12:19 GMT

Here are the 10 best internships at Wall Street banks

Each summer, a new crop of students descend onto Wall Street for financial internships. A killer internship helps you gain hands on experience and expands your network, arming you with the right knowledge for a future finance career. To help you navigate through the internship hunt, Vault. [...]
30 Oct 2018 21:17:10 GMT

Paul Volcker’s Guide to the Almighty Dollar

Paul Volcker’s 6-foot-7-inch frame was draped over a chaise longue when I spoke with him recently in his Upper East Side apartment, in Manhattan. He is in his 91st year and very ill, and he tires easily. But his voice is still gruff, and his brain is still sharp.We talked about his forthcoming memoir, Keeping at It: The Quest for Sound Money and Good Government—about why he wrote the book and the lessons he hopes to impart. [...]
The Atlantic
30 Oct 2018 13:30:00 GMT

There’s a Better Way to Elect House Members

Imagine being a Democrat this November, the morning after this year’s midterm elections. And imagine your heart sinking: Republican gerrymanders held well in key states, and despite making more than a dozen gains, Democrats have failed to take the House.It’s not the most likely scenario. But if Democrats remain in the minority for the fifth House term in a row, calls for wide-ranging electoral reform could become more prominent within the party. [...]
The Atlantic
27 Oct 2018 11:00:00 GMT

Oracle’s Wookiee brings microservices to Scala developers

In the Star Wars movies, pilot Han Solo explored the galaxy accompanied by a large, hairy creature known as a Wookiee. Scala developers can build microservices with a framework of the same name.Oracle’s Wookiee is a Scala-based framework that uses technologies including the Akka toolkit, which is tailored to building concurrent, message-driven applications. [...]
InfoWorld News
26 Oct 2018 18:40:00 GMT

Harnessing The Power Of Early Beneficiaries In The Crypto Space For Social Impact
Born out of an underground fintech culture, blockchain technology has emerged as a phenomenon over the past decade with the ability to disrupt traditional industries, alter the way we think, and ultimately change the status quo. Nydia Zhang of not-for-profit grant making platform Social Alpha Founda [. [...]
Latest Articles in Technology
26 Oct 2018 15:15:22 GMT

Amazon EC2 now offers On-Demand Capacity Reservations
You can now reserve Amazon EC2 capacity for any duration with On-Demand Capacity Reservations. Amazon EC2 provides a wide selection of instance types as well as over 50 global Availability Zones where you can run your applications. Some customers however have very specific requirements for portions of their applications around instance type, size, and capability, as well as the Availability Zone the instance needs to run in, and need very high levels of assurance that they will always be able to launch that specific capacity. [...]
What's New
26 Oct 2018 00:58:31 GMT

Is blockchain living up to the hype?

Despite the grand claims made for this distributed ledger tech, few companies are actually using it.
BBC News - Business
22 Oct 2018 23:17:55 GMT

A Simpler Way to Get to the Bottom of Mysterious Illnesses in Poor Countries

Senjuti Saha was frustrated. As a microbiologist at the largest pediatric hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh, she sees a lot of young kids with meningitis—inflammation of the membranes around the brain and spine. In up to 80 percent of those cases, she and her colleagues can’t work out which particular microbe is behind the condition. [...]
Science | The Atlantic
16 Oct 2018 10:00:00 GMT

The High Stakes of Surfing’s Wave-Pool Arms Race

In 2015, a rancher named David Howe lifted off from a California airfield on a covert mission. For weeks, a neglected water-ski park in his Central Valley farming community had been mysteriously ensconced in privacy fencing and manned by a security detail. The clandestine development raised eyebrows in town, but according to Howe, locals contracted to do work at the facility weren’t talking. [...]
Technology | The Atlantic
14 Oct 2018 12:00:00 GMT

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